New Covid-19 Business Grant Schemes

In December 2021, the Government announced that further business grant support would become available in recognition that the rise of the Omicron variant means that some businesses were likely to struggle during the winter period.

All three application processes are now open via Tandridge District Council (TDC). Further details below;

Additional Restrictions Grant (21 January 2022 to 6 February 2022)

A one-off payment through the Additional Restrictions Grant is now available to businesses severely impacted by Covid-19 restrictions or by the Omicron variant i.e. current Business Rate payers, running a business from home, mobile home-working or within a flexible working space where the rent is inclusive. This grant is available from 21 January 2022 to 6 February 2022.

To check whether businesses are eligible, please refer to the 2022 scheme before completing an application form. If the total applications exceeds the allocation of £216,634, applications will be treated on a first come first served basis.

TDC’s awards panel will review all applications submitted and will decide which ones are approved for funding under the Additional Restrictions Grant. Successful applications will be acknowledged by e-mail, which will confirm the amount of grant funding.

Covid-19 Additional Relief Fund (CARF)

This Relief Fund is to help businesses pay their business rates to offset the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Local Authorities are responsible for designing this discretionary relief scheme, please refer to TDC’s scheme.

In order to qualify for CARF, Government guidelines are quite clear that Local Authorities must not award relief to ratepayers who for the same period of the relief, i.e., 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022, would have been eligible for the Extended Retail Discount or Nursery Discount and must not award relief to a period when it is unoccupied.

Businesses may complete the application form if they meet the criteria.

Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant

This support will take the form of a one-off grant funding scheme. Funding has been made available to all Local Authorities from this month. The scheme will close for applications on 18 March 2022 and all final payments must be made and dispersed to recipients by 31 March 2022. Businesses will be eligible for this support from 30 December 2021.

The Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant will support hospitality, leisure and accommodation business premises with one-off grants of up to £6,000. The following thresholds apply for these businesses:

Businesses appearing on the local rating list with a rateable value of exactly £15,000 or under on 30 December 2021 will receive a payment of £2,667.

Businesses appearing on the local rating list with a rateable value over £15,000 and less than £51,000 on 30 December 2021 will receive a payment of £4,000.

Businesses appearing on the local rating list with a rateable value of exactly £51,000 or over on 30 December 2021 will receive a payment of £6,000.

Businesses should complete TDC’s application form before the deadline date of 18 March 2022.

Household Support Fund

Tandridge District Council is helping to distribute the Household Support Fund. It has £234,649 which has to be spent by March 31, 2022.  It is inviting residents with low incomes (not defined) to apply for a grant to help ease the financial pressure they may face this winter. The Tandridge Household Support Fund will help residents who are in financial difficulties and struggling to meet the cost of essential items.

Further details can be found on the Tandridge website at

Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty needs you

Public urged to contribute to Natural England’s decision making process.

Image shows a low, tree covered hill with a castle-like tower toward the right of the picture

  • Local knowledge is being sought to help decide on the extension of Surrey Hills Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) boundaries
  • Natural England is calling for everyone with an interest to contribute
  • Whether you live in the Surrey Hills AONB, run a local business, enjoy visiting, care about landscapes and biodiversity, or represent an organisation – your evidence could be crucial in helping determine whether an extension is merited.

Please follow the link below for more information:

Warlingham Green Improvement Project Wins Funding

The Warlingham Green Improvement Project has come one step nearer to the completion of Stage One by obtaining all the funds necessary, which includes new pavements on two sides, kerb modifications to improve turning, improved drainage, new crossing points, tables to slow traffic and some new furniture and planting.

The money has come from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), a charge on new developments to fund infrastructure, which goes to district/borough councils, with a smaller amount to parish councils. The money can only be used on infrastructure projects.

The total cost of Phase One is £600,000. The Parish Council had already provided £59,000 of its CIL money for planning the project and has now committed £105,000 to its implementation with the rest being granted by Tandridge District Council at the beginning of this month.  The Phase One Plan can be viewed here

Following a public consultation by the Warlingham Green Improvement Working Group, which comprises parish councillors, traders and Green users, the new furniture will be chosen from the traditional set consulted on, and the stone memorial bench will be retained. These were the clear preferences of all who took part in the consultation.

Says Cllr Simon Morrow, the chairman of the working group: “We are very pleased that all the planning, research and hard work that has gone into this project is now about to show results, and I would like to thank Tandridge for approving our bid for £491,000.

“We expect the physical work to start later next year, when we will be planning construction to fit in with the needs of the community as much as possible and, as always, we will keep residents as informed as possible on what is happening and when.”

For more details on the project, see the Warlingham Parish Council website at Current Projects Warlingham Parish Council:

Tree Working Group

Following the success of the tree working group, the parish council is to consider extending the work of this group for a further year with the hope of developing a long term plan for the trees in the parish.

So far the group have planted a copse of trees on the common land; this was to mitigate the loss of ash trees due to ash dieback.  They have also developed a short guide to ash dieback for local people, copies of which can be obtained from Warlingham Community Library in Shelton Avenue, as well as running a LANTRA basic tree inspection course for 12 local people.


Parish Council Grants

Every Autumn the Parish Council awards grants to organisations working to improve Warlingham’s environment, facilities, economy, security, and community. This year, we have funded:

Warlingham Churchyard, All Saints Church – contribution towards maintenance of public open space/habitat

Caterham and Warlingham Citizens Advice Bureau – for the development of the debt advisory service

Warlingham Events – towards the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee event

Christmas Lights – joint funding with the Christmas Lights Committee for new lights and replacements

Church Hall – contribution towards replacement heating system

New Bike Rack and Flag

The parish council have replaced the old and bent bike rack outside the White Lion with a lovely shiny new one (tarmac to follow), and the flag on the Green, which had become very tatty, has also been replaced and the flag pole given a clean-up.


Surrey Local Heritage List Project

Warlingham Parish Council is compiling a list of local heritage assets for Warlingham that will be submitted to Surrey County Council as nominations for inclusion in the Local Heritage List Project.

Once adopted, the lists will be used to inform the planning process and guide future decisions around the use and custodianship of local heritage assets. The information captured as part of this project will also be added to the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) managed and maintained by Surrey County Council.

Warlingham already has heritage assets protected by other heritage designations, such as Heritage England listed buildings. These assets are not eligible for consideration as local heritage assets and therefore do not need to be nominated because part of the Surrey project will be to review any asset on an existing local list.

More information on Surrey’s Local Heritage List Project can be found on Surrey County Council’s website: