Warlingham Green Improvement Project, Phase One

This is the first of a number of updates for residents and traders on the long awaited Warlingham Green Improvement Project.

Yes, it’s finally starting, and we will be doing our best to keep you updated and answer your questions via the Warlingham Parish Council’s Facebook page and the Warlingham Traders WhatsApp Group.

The Parish Council has now signed an agreement with Surrey County Highways, the contractors for which will do the actual work, to improve the look and the safety of The Green, without detracting from its character.

Over the coming weeks, Surrey County Council Highways Department’s design team will be undertaking extensive investigations of the affected areas including drilling holes, to fully understand what is there at the moment. This will include confirming the location of pipes and cables under the ground and the drainage layout.  Minor traffic management measures will be necessary at times but there will be no need to divert traffic or disrupt any businesses.

Adjoining properties may also be contacted for specific information. For example, they need to know where all the cellars are for the later stages of the project.

The main elements of Phase One are the repaving of the south and west pavements in attractive York stone and the creation of three new crossing points to the centre; one from each side of The Green. These will involve the installation of ‘build-outs’ from the pavements to narrow the width of roadway that pedestrians have to cross and remove the need to walk between parked cars. There will also be some new seats and other street furniture and new planting in the centre.

If you are a trader and would like to join the Warlingham Traders WhatsApp Group, please text Jeremy Pursehouse on 07831 755980 with your business details and preferred telephone contact number.