January 2023 marks 10 years since the formation of Warlingham Community Library in Shelton Avenue and we want you to help us celebrate.

When threatened with closure, local people decided unanimously to save our local library by paying a bit more to the Parish Council to fund staff members from Surrey and to recruit volunteers to help during opening hours.

Thanks to an amazing band of about 35 volunteers – some have been with us since day one – the library has stayed open throughout.

Back in that cold January 2013, the ‘new’ library came up with a vision which is as true today and tomorrow:

“Warlingham Community Library will be at the heart of the community of Warlingham, Chelsham and Farleigh providing a range of books, information and facilities … which meet the needs of all parts of the local community. A place where local residents want to go, and feel comfortable and welcome. … The library will be Warlingham’s favourite place for meetings, with regular activities occurring in the building outside normal opening hours.”

Many of you will have memories of the library and ideas of ways we can mark this 10th birthday and celebrate such an incredible achievement – and look forward to the next decade.

If you have ideas, suggestions and any photos or stories, please get in touch with Councillor Grace Kempster grace.kempster@warlingham-pc.gov.uk or Simon Bold, Parish Clerk clerk@warlingham-pc.gov.uk

Planning for Emergencies

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it is to expect the unexpected. That is why Warlingham Parish Council has set up a Working Group to plan for emergencies, in co-operation with Tandridge District Council and other agencies. (more…)