Warlingham Parish Council is continuously active in pursuing projects to protect and improve Warlingham’s environment, facilities and community. Current and recent initiatives include:

The Green

• Maintaining the planters outside the Co-op and the seating area by the Farleigh Road junction
• Installation of seating at the Farleigh Road junction.
• Hanging baskets: regularly refreshed
• Unauthorised banners and posters removed: the Council has permission from the District Council to authorise up to three banners on the central Green advertising community events
• Commercial review undertaken: traders’ views recorded and will inform future actions.
• War Memorial: took on custodianship to ensure proper care and maintenance. Extensive cleaning and restoration has been undertaken and more work is planned (see separate section below).

Green Improvement Project

The Parish Council has been working for some time on a project to improve and refurbish The Green. Following consultation the initial design was amended to reflect residents’ comments. The main elements of the scheme are new road and pavement surfacing incorporating attractive paving, new crossings to enable pedestrians to reach the central Green from all three sides, a new zebra crossing, traffic calming measures to slow traffic entering, improved drainage, new street furniture, paths and planting. The Warlingham Green Masterplan can be viewed here

In March 2020 Warlingham residents voted to support the Parish Council’s plans to improve The Green – 81% voted in favour, 19% against.

The scheme was costed and discussions held on how the approximately £1.9 million total cost could be funded. As funding will not be available for the full scheme in one year, the project has been phased. The total cost of Phase One is £600,000. The Parish Council had already provided £59,000 of its CIL money for planning the project and has now committed £105,000 to its implementation with the rest being granted by Tandridge District Council.

The first phase will comprise new pavements on two sides (Co-op and newsagent), kerb modifications to improve turning at the corners, improved drainage to address the flooding at the eastern corner, the new crossings, tables to slow traffic at the entrances to The Green and some new furniture and planting. This includes some modifications to the original design to meet the safety requirements of the Highway Authority (Surrey), most significantly the substitution of crossing points for actual crossings.

The Project has come one step nearer to the completion of Stage One by obtaining all the funds necessary, which includes the new pavements on two sides, kerb modifications to improve turning, improved drainage, new crossing points, tables to slow traffic and some new furniture and planting.  The money has come from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), a charge on new developments to fund infrastructure, which goes to district/borough councils, with a smaller amount to parish councils. The money can only be used on infrastructure projects.

The Phase One Plan can be viewed here.

New Parish Council Website

In September 2020, the Parish Council identified that the parish council website would need to be upgraded to meet new regulatory requirements for data protection and accessibility. This was also seen as an opportunity to provide the website with a more modern design and fresh new look, making it easier for residents to find what they are looking for.

A small project team consisting of Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk was established to identify a new website provider.  Having reviewed a number of providers that specialise in websites for Town and Parish Councils, Netwise was finally chosen.  The project team then worked with the developers to provide the design you see today. All that then remained was to migrate the essential data from the old website across to the new site.

The website finally went live on 31st January 2021. We hope you enjoy it.  We’d love to hear what you think of the new site, so please provide feedback to clerk@warlingham-pc.gov.uk

War Memorial Restoration Project

The iconic feature of Warlingham Green is the War Memorial, a statue of a WWI Soldier standing above a Mother and Child. It was erected by public subscription in 1921 and dedicated on 4th December of that year. It is entitled “Shielding the Defenceless” and was sculpted by J E Taylerson. The memorial stands on a stone plinth with three steps and is inscribed on all four sides. It is inscribed with the names of 60 men who gave their lives in WWI. After WWII a tablet was added to the Memorial, but no names have been added, similarly there is an additional tablet commemorating the conflicts post WWII. The full history of the Warlingham War Memorial may be found here.

The extensive Warlingham Parish Council funded cleaning and renovation of Warlingham’s war memorial on The Green has now been completed; the first such renovation since its erection in 1921.

The work, supervised and managed by Warlingham-based Rowland Brothers, included cleaning and sharpening-up of the carving and a third of the lettering. The biggest challenge was the repair of the soldier’s rifle, which has been broken for 25 years. This required creating a new end for the rifle and attaching it to the remaining barrel.

The War Memorial Trust strictly controlled what work was done, only allowing essential repairs and renovation.

Grants were received from The War Memorial Trust and Surrey County Council Historic Buildings.

Warlingham Community Library

Warlingham Community Library was set up in January 2013 as a partnership between Warlingham Parish Council and Surrey County Council, after the County had stated it would have to close unless the local community stepped forward to run it.

Under the terms of the agreement the Parish Council pays for a professional librarian to manage the library at all times it is open and recruits and coordinates a large cohort of volunteers to support the librarian, which it does via a volunteer co-ordinator. For its part Surrey maintains the building, the computer systems and the book stock, and provides support to the staff so that they can provide a full library service. The Parish Council is also allowed to use the building out of hours for meetings and other suitable activities.

The library has seen an increase in visits and book issues over the years and and the volunteers continue to do displays, events and welcome visits from schools; the Summer Reading Challenge is very successful and inspires children to join the Library and read. Hiring out the library also continues for meetings and other suitable activities
January 2021 saw the 8th anniversary of the CPL It was impossible to celebrate as we would have liked to this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but a huge vote of thanks goes to our volunteers without whom we would not have been able to keep going. Warlingham Community Library is heavily dependent on its volunteers to be able to operate and, with the exception of the initial lockdown in March 2020, the library has remained open for business throughout by offering either a Covid secure environment for browsing or Click & Collect and essential IT services.

Warlingham’s Appearance

The Parish Council does its best to keep Warlingham looking attractive:

• Bulb planting on School Common, the Common Land opposite Amanos and other suitable locations
• Regular litter picks organised on the Common Land;
• The field at Westhall/Hillbury junction attracts a lot of litter and the hedge is a problem: the occupant is pressed to get the hedge cut back and clear litter on a regular basis.
• Unsightly banners and signs removed

Parks & Open Spaces:

• School Common: bunds installed to stop traveller incursions
• Mint Walk Recreation Ground: formed working group to support residents suffering from ASB; resulting in CCTV installation and strong police engagement.
• New benches in Blanchman’s Community Wildlife Area and Hamsey Green Rec
• Common Land: regular tree surveys undertaken and remedial works done; bins & benches repaired and replaced
• Grants provided to Blanchmans and the Churchyard to help with maintenance costs
• Regular reporting of potholes and other highway defects; but Surrey regularly sas there are insufficient funds to do the desired work.
• Crewes Close: one corner widened to stop lorry overruns causing an unsightly mess
• New parking bay installed in Blanchmans Road
• A portable VAS (“vehicle activated sign) is being acquired to deploy at sites around Warlingham where there is a speeding issue
• Snow clearance: the Green cleared by volunteers this Winter as every year. More volunteers are always welcome. Grit bins in several locations purchased and maintained.
• Grass cutting frequency has been reduced by Surrey: we’ve budgeted to pay for extra cuts


Warlingham Parish Council is a statutory consultee for Warlingham planning applications. The parish council established a planning committee which meets every three weeks to review the applications and make representations to TDC. Objections are lodged where applications are felt to be out of character or un-neighbourly.

The Planning Committee will often refer to the Warlingham Village Design Statement for guidance on appropriate development for Warlingham.

Residents can view all applications on line by going to Tandridge District Council’s planning portal https://tdcplanningsearch.tandridge.gov.uk/. Unfortunately paper plans are currently not available to be viewed in the library as this facility was withdrawn by TDC. However, the parish council is working with TDC to try and restore this facility by buying our own copy of the plans for the library.

Village Events & Community Groups:

• Christmas Lights are partly funded and fully supported: events regularly attract over 4,500 attendees
• Remembrance Sunday: a parish council committee organises this important annual service on The Green. Matting purchased to assist.
• Continue to fund and support the annual Warlingham Walk. Walks leaflets can be found here
• Every Autumn the Parish Council awards grants to organisations working to improve Warlingham’s environment, facilities, economy, security, and community. This year, we have funded:


• Monthly article in CR6 provides updates on Council activities
• Website provides core information as well as news stories. This is about to be re-launched in a more accessible and attractive format.
• Facebook Page set up and used to publicise important events and activities
• Noticeboard: please do look at the notices