Warlingham Parish Grant Scheme 2022

Apply for a small grant from Warlingham Parish Council

Every year Warlingham Parish Council gives small grants to organisations serving the local community. Now is the time to apply.

For example, last year, 1st Warlingham Scout Group applied for financial help in constructing an accessibility ramp for its Scout Hall in Mint Walk. The hall had a number of steps up to the entrance and a steep slope from the gates to the steps. This has always proven difficult for access, and a suitable accessibility ramp has been under discussion for many years.

As its partnership arrangement with Nippertime Nursery developed, it became even more desirable that access be improved, as there were more very young children and parents with buggies using the facilities.

A successful grant application was made to the Parish Council for a contribution towards the £2,500 cost of the project. An award of £1,000 was made.

This was just one of several projects and organisations supported by the council with amounts up to £2,500.

“This is our way of supporting those who support the Warlingham community. While we can’t guarantee to help everyone, or satisfy their full grant request, we always do our best. However, last year, probably because of the lack of meetings being held by local organisations due to Covid 19, we had very few applications, so this year we are publicising the grants scheme in the hope of getting more.” Nathan Adams, Chairman of Warlingham Parish Council.

Download the following grant application forms or contact the Clerk for more information. **Deadline extended to 14 November 2022**

Grant Application Form excluding running costs 2022 Extended Deadline

Grant Application Form for Running Costs 2022 Extended Deadline




Tanya Davies – Life as a Volunteer at Warlingham Library

“I have been a volunteer at Warlingham Library for nearly 10 years – those years have flown by! I was a stay-at-home mum looking for something to do while my son was at school. I remember reading in the CR6 Magazine that the future of my local library was under threat unless volunteers stepped in to help run it. I feel really passionate about the importance of libraries to the local community and immediately put my name down to help.

While volunteering, I felt a need to work on making the Children’s Library and its book stock more appealing, especially to reluctant readers. I want all children to develop a love of reading like I did as a child. I try and keep up with the latest books and trends – the Minecraft books I ordered are very popular!

I have been made to feel so welcome and appreciated by the other members of staff, volunteers and customers. I get a lot out of volunteering and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to do something worthwhile in their local community. Even my son was a Young Volunteer!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator Tina Picanza (librarycoordinator@warlingham-pc.gov.uk) for more information.

I would encourage all people in the local area to visit the library and see what we have to offer – it is much more than just books!”

Tanya applied for and achieved the paid role of Senior Library Assistant working alongside Nikki Grossi at the library – so you will definitely see a lot more of her – Tanya started in September so CR6 readers are encouraged to pop in and say hello – and of course we now have a vacancy for her volunteering slot!

“A nice hot drink”….

A community library visitor comment started the initiative to offer selfserve tea and coffee in the library foyer. For a donation however large or small, visitors can help themselves to a lovely cup of English Breakfast tea or a Tassimo coffee. Cups are heatproof and provided with lids to carry around safely – or you can bring your own mug.

“We already know the library is warm and welcoming – this just adds to the ease and comfort of the visit” says Donika Grundey a local young mum who visits the library a lot

Warlingham Parish Council has provided the Tassimmo machine and Coffee at 412 have kindly provided the vacuum flask for hot water for tea.

The offer will be trailed to the end November and will be available through library opening times except for a half an hour pause during our free weekly rhymetimes on Friday mornings [11.15-11.45]. “We hope there will be a lot of use so we can carry on the initiative which allows people to simply help themselves just as they check their own book in and out” says Cllr Keith Prew, Chair of the Library Working Group.

Please note: the library has a disabled toilet and changing facility for visitors

Warlingham Community Library

40 visitors each day … these are the early results of a library survey which took place in March at our community library. People come in to borrow books and so much more – from using the copier, free use of wi-fi, rhyme times, community art fun, knit and natter, and the list goes on. The digital signage in the window celebrates all that is inside; the Open today banner signals the open days (currently Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays). An invitation to come in and make the most of your community library and hub has gone out to every household in the Parish this March. “So many people don’t know about the digital offer too, from e-books, newspapers and magazines and the Which? Magazine” says Cllr Keith Prew who co-chairs the newly formed working group to promote the library and drive forward a refurbishment and enhancement of this community asset. The library is free, warm and friendly with amazingly knowledgeable volunteers – if you’ve not popped in recently you need to come and see for yourself all that is on offer.

My favourite tree is………..

We know that trees mean a lot to people in Warlingham from our iconic circle of limes on the Green to individual favourites. In order to celebrate this connection, the Parish Council invites you to submit a digital photo of you/your family beside your favourite with a brief description of why it matters to you. We do expect photos and stories to come in throughout the year as you find the best time of year, and it can include both individual and groups of trees across the parish. We will put them up on the parish council website and you can see the first entry already –a resident with the oldest tree in Warlingham – to inspire you. Please send to clerk@warlingham-pc.gov.uk.

Our first favourite tree was sent in by:

Miss Marion Havard, lead for the All Saints Churchyard Volunteers.

“My favourite tree is the ancient yew tree in All Saint’s churchyard. In 1998, Robert Hardy and David Bellamy [both members of The Yew Tree Campaign of The Conservation Foundation] signed a certification that this tree was 2,400 years old. It is therefore clear that the tree was already 402 years old when Christ was born and was 1,652 years old when All Saints Church was built in 1250AD. It is the fifth oldest tree in Surrey and has a Tree Preservation Order [TPO] on it.

Many churches have yew trees in their churchyards. Possible reasons may be:

– Pagans regarded the tree as a symbol of fertility and danced naked around it
– Yew wood was used to make long bows and harps [a mixture of war and peace]
– Vikings used yew wood nails in their shipbuilding, and
– King Edward I [1272-1307] decreed that yew trees should be planted in churchyards to ensure a plentiful supply of wood for longbows.”







Warlingham Parish Council

Warlingham Parish Council (made up of 11 elected volunteers plus our parish clerk) works hard all year to ensure that Warlingham, the Green and the surrounding areas are maintained, nurtured and protected and kept looking attractive so that it continues to be the wonderful place to live for us all.

Activity over the last year includes, but is not limited to:

  • Statutory consultees for Tandridge planning applications in Warlingham
  • Running and promoting our community library with Surrey through new initiatives
  • The Green re-development scheme
  • Installing mobile VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs)
  • Maintaining and refreshing the hanging baskets around the green and the planters outside the Co-op
  • Litter picking
  • Maintenance and tree planting on the common land near Sainsbury’s, as well as installing bunds to protect the common land from incursion
  • Match funding to have two churned up corners in Crewes Close widened
  • Supporting the Christmas lights
  • Custodianship and maintenance of the war memorial
  • Remembrance Day parade
  • Distribute grants to local organisations through our annual grant scheme

At the January meeting, all members of the council voted unanimously on the precept to ensure we are able to continue to fund current and new projects to keep our ever growing community a lovely place to be.  The result of this is an additional £2.69 per annum on a Band D property.  Warlingham parish remains one of the cheapest cost per household in Tandridge and we believe represents good value for money.

This year we will:

  • Continue with all the above
  • Maintain and develop new projects on the common land. These involve tree management and planting, grass cutting, repairs following vandalism, as well as unscheduled tree work (mainly due to ash dieback), hedge work, signage, and fences
  • Support the library further with new marketing initiatives to increase community value and usage. We will also explore opportunities to create a ‘community hub’ at the library, bringing together a range of local services in one place.
  • Develop a local nature action plan
  • Implement playground and parks improvements – this could possibly include the installation of an outdoor gym somewhere central
  • Initiate and support more local highways improvements

Warlingham Parish council meetings take place at 7.30 pm in Warlingham Library, Shelton Avenue, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, excluding August.  Please come along to a meeting if you have any issues you wish to raise with the council or just to meet the councillors and see how we work.  Our meetings are just the formal part – much work goes on in between the meetings.

If you need to contact the parish council at other times, please in the first instance contact the clerk at clerk@warlingham-pc.gov.uk.  You can also find out about your councillors and current projects at  https://warlingham-pc.gov.uk or see our  Facebook Page

Ash Dieback

With permission from the Tree Council, WPC have produced this brief guide to this  widespread disease.  Free hard copies are available from the community library and pdf downloads from this site Ash dieback the facts  and other sites.

At a recent update seminar attended by over 100 Tree Officers, it is now clear that

  • Resistance to the disease is nearer but not yet – NO trees on the market are resistant
  • The disease can oscillate with trees severely affected one year and not the next.  So only after a three year monitoring should bad trees be felled
  • The problem is far worse in forest environments than urban or landscape settings
  • Pruning or pollarding are options
  • Inspect annually June-Sept with a  simple ‘ok/affected/bad’ assessment’
  • Most ash trees can recover from one year of obvious crown dieback symptoms
  • Trees in hedgerows are a particular UK problem.

Parish Council Grants

Every Autumn the Parish Council awards grants to organisations working to improve Warlingham’s environment, facilities, economy, security, and community. This year, we have funded:

Warlingham Churchyard, All Saints Church – contribution towards maintenance of public open space/habitat

Caterham and Warlingham Citizens Advice Bureau – for the development of the debt advisory service

Warlingham Events – towards the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee event

Christmas Lights – joint funding with the Christmas Lights Committee for new lights and replacements

Church Hall – contribution towards replacement heating system