The Green Improvement Project moves forward

The first phase of the Project to improve Warlingham Green, primarily through re-paving with
attractive yorkstone and creating new crossings to the centre, is currently in the ‘detailed
design’ phase. This started in July 2023 and is scheduled to finish by the end of this April.

The design is being completed by Surrey County Council (SCC), with whom the Parish
Council has an agreement which covers both the design and implementation phases.
Work is currently on track with surveying and other investigations including the drilling of trial
holes to be finished by the end of January. The team from SCC are working through the
design details and have raised many issues which have been resolved in consultation with
the Project Steering Committee which is made up of Parish Councillors and trader

As part of this process, it has been necessary to re-locate the crossing point on the southern
side of The Green to outside The Gallery, due to safety and parking issues identified with the
original location outside Tesco. It has also been agreed to install a part-time loading bay
outside Tesco to address their delivery issues – it’s proposed that this will operate in the
early morning and early evening and revert to normal/disabled parking during the day.

The Parish Council, through its solicitor, is corresponding with a number of the shops along
the southern side about the incorporation of their forecourts into the areas to be re-paved in
yorkstone. Once all the initial designs are produced, the traders and residents affected
around The Green will be consulted to ensure that all matters have been addressed.

As soon as the design phase is complete and a contract for the construction of the scheme
has been signed between the Parish Council and SCC, work will commence on
implementation which, it is hoped, will be completed by the end of the year.