Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)

Warlingham Parish Council, in liaison with our Surrey County Councillor Becky Rush, have allocated some funds for a mobile VAS to be used at known speeding hotspots in Warlingham. The VAS unit will be moved periodically to the different posts (of which there will be 6) at 3 locations: Limpsfield Road north; Limpsfield Road south; Westhall Road. There will be 2 posts at each location, one on either side of the road to enable the VAS to be moved to monitor vehicles travelling in either direction. Several of the parish councillors will be undertaking training on the VAS so that they will be able to move it around to the different locations and change batteries when required. We don’t have a date for the installation of the 6 posts as yet, but will let you know as soon as we do.

War Memorial

The parish council have approved a plan designed to help conserve the war memorial on Warlingham Green. The plan involves regular inspections and simple maintenance, thus enabling identification of any problems with the memorial that may require further action by skilled and qualified professionals. (more…)

Tree Working Group

A working group is to be set up to look at best practice responses that could be adopted and applied to Warlingham.

The scale of ash dieback is unprecedented and disease progression is erratic with young trees generally succumbing rapidly in 2 years, larger trees over 10-15 years and others in open areas with low spore loading apparently untouched. Diamond shaped lesions are the most certain sign of ash dieback and specialist assessment is required with regular surveying and monitoring.

The aim of the group will be to make recommendations to the Parish Council, to mitigate the ash dieback through a range of actions which lead to positive outcomes and to promote the profile of trees as part of the valued greenscape of our village.

Bond Road Recycling Centre Now Accepting A Wider Range of Materials

After months of lobbying, the Parish Council is pleased that Bond Road Recycling Centre (CRC) is currently accepting black bin waste and bulky waste in addition to a full range of recyclables. Bulky waste includes anything that can’t fit into your residual waste bin that isn’t recyclable, eg old furniture, divan beds, mattresses and old plastic garden furniture.

However, we’re not putting out the bunting just yet as this is a temporary measure taken by Surrey County Council to increase capacity and relieve pressure on CRCs across the District. It is limited to a 12 month period from 2 April 2021.  The hope is that if we can demonstrate high use of all the new waste lines they will be kept in place permanently.  We therefore urge all residents to make full use of these extra waste facilities.

The Parish Council is continuing to press Surrey County Council to allow residents to take waste to the Bond Road CRC on foot as soon as Covid-19 rules allow.

In line with Government guidance, when you use Bond Road, please arrive with your material already separated to ensure that as much as possible can be recycled and to minimise the amount of time spent at the site.

Slowing Down Speeding Drivers

The Parish Council has been working with County Councillor, Becky Rush on tackling the problem of speeding drivers in some parts of Warlingham. A couple of months ago we asked you to tell us where you believe drivers are routinely exceeding the speed limit. Your feedback has helped us with our planning. Surrey County Council has also carried out a survey. (more…)

Planning for Emergencies

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it is to expect the unexpected. That is why Warlingham Parish Council has set up a Working Group to plan for emergencies, in co-operation with Tandridge District Council and other agencies. (more…)

Covers Farm Quarry

The Parish Council has objected to a proposal which could see a large number of HGV lorries travelling through Warlingham Green to Covers Farm, Westerham as part of a scheme to restore the quarry to grassland.

The latest news is that Surrey County Council Highways engineers have assessed the route through Warlingham into Kent and consider it to be unsuitable for HGV traffic. They will pass these findings to their counterparts in Kent County Council so that this information can be included in the planning assessment.