Next Planning Committee meeting on 31st January 2023

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 31st January 2023 at 7:30pm at Warlingham Community Library of Shelton Avenue.

Here is the latest agenda for our Committee meetings: Planning Committee agenda 31 Jan to 14 March 2023

The list of applications to be considered on the 13th December is here:  Planning list for 31 January 2023 Planning Committee

Full details of any of the applications can be found on the Tandridge District Council website here: Planning and building – Tandridge District Council

Grant Scheme Deadline extended to 14 November 2022

The Parish Council has money set aside for donations to organisations that provide important services and/or facilities to the community of Warlingham. Full details of the type of request we will consider is provided in the Council’s grant application form.

Please note that we have a choice of application form depending on whether you require financial help with a one-off project or whether you wish to have support for ongoing running costs. If you require clarification on this or help completing a form, please contact the Clerk (contact details on this website).

Please also note that the deadline for receipt of completed applications has been extended to 14 November 2022. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

For one-off projects or items only, choose this form: Grant Application Form excluding running costs 2022 Extended Deadline

For requests that include running costs, choose this form: Grant Application Form for Running Costs 2022 Extended Deadline