Earlier this year, 81% of Warlingham residents voted in favour of the Parish Council’s scheme to improve Warlingham Green. The Council is now working hard to progress the scheme as quickly as possible.

Readers will recall that the scheme will be completed in phases. Phase 1 will include new pavements on two sides (Co-op and newsagent), kerb modifications to improve turning at the corners, improved drainage to address the flooding at the eastern corner and new crossings.

Now that we have the support of the community, we have been going through a process of detailed discussion on the plan with Surrey County Council Highways Department and have made considerable progress. There will be some modifications to the scheme but these will be fairly minor.

The intention is to finance the scheme using the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) held by the Parish Council and, it is hoped, from the CIL fund held by Tandridge District Council, which is far larger. CIL is paid by developers to district and parish councils when they build homes and can only be spent on infrastructure such as highway improvements, drainage, schools and surgeries. There will be no increase in Council Tax to pay for the scheme.

The Parish Council will shortly be submitting a bid to Tandridge, and we believe there is a realistic prospect of success, especially given the overwhelming support of the community as demonstrated by the vote.

As soon as we have clarity about funding and a timescale for Phase 1 of the scheme, we will communicate this on the Parish Council website as well as through CR6 and Facebook.