Should KCC be minded to approve this application (KCC/SE/0495/2018) we ask that approval is conditional on the B2069 and B2024 route from material reclamation Zone E through Warlingham being withdrawn from the routeing plan altogether and that access to the site is only via A roads. In asking this we note that the B269/B2024 route is the only B road route in the routeing plan and that all HGVs are prohibited from travelling through Westerham town centre on the A25.

As our objection is, to a large extent, based on the highway safety issues that arise from this application and the total unsuitability of this route, we have taken this opportunity to re-state the concerns raised by Angela Goddard, Surrey Transport Development Planning Officer:

The B2024 (known as Clarks Lane from its junction with Pilgrims Lane to Tatsfield Court Farm) is the narrowest section of the Zone E route varying in widths from 5.12m to 4.32m at its narrowest point. This width is not suitable to allow two HGVs to pass or one HGV and a car.

The increased numbers of HGVs using the road may result in two HGVs meeting with no way of passing each other and one of them having to undertake a dangerous reversing manoeuvre back along the road to allow the other to pass.

This section of the road is subject to 60mph speed limit and is steeply sloping down from the North Downs. It is particularly hazardous for vehicles during adverse weather conditions such as snow and ice where it is more difficult for vehicles to brake quickly should they meet another vehicle or HGV travelling in the opposite direction.

It is noted that the B269 and B2024 are the only B roads in the routeing plan.
Even with the applicant’s latest offer of a cap on the number of lorry movements using the B269/B2024 route, we are concerned that HGVs from other material reclamation Zones, particularly D, will deviate from their agreed route and travel along the B2024 as it is the most direct route into the quarry. We believe that the best way to ensure that this does not happen is to remove this route from the routeing plan altogether.