The Warlingham Green Improvement Project has come one step nearer to the completion of Stage One by obtaining all the funds necessary, which includes new pavements on two sides, kerb modifications to improve turning, improved drainage, new crossing points, tables to slow traffic and some new furniture and planting.

The money has come from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), a charge on new developments to fund infrastructure, which goes to district/borough councils, with a smaller amount to parish councils. The money can only be used on infrastructure projects.

The total cost of Phase One is £600,000. The Parish Council had already provided £59,000 of its CIL money for planning the project and has now committed £105,000 to its implementation with the rest being granted by Tandridge District Council at the beginning of this month.  The Phase One Plan can be viewed here

Following a public consultation by the Warlingham Green Improvement Working Group, which comprises parish councillors, traders and Green users, the new furniture will be chosen from the traditional set consulted on, and the stone memorial bench will be retained. These were the clear preferences of all who took part in the consultation.

Says Cllr Simon Morrow, the chairman of the working group: “We are very pleased that all the planning, research and hard work that has gone into this project is now about to show results, and I would like to thank Tandridge for approving our bid for £491,000.

“We expect the physical work to start later next year, when we will be planning construction to fit in with the needs of the community as much as possible and, as always, we will keep residents as informed as possible on what is happening and when.”

For more details on the project, see the Warlingham Parish Council website at Current Projects Warlingham Parish Council: