Our plans to improve The Green have taken an important step forward. After extended negotiations with Surrey County Council Highways Department, the Parish Council has submitted its bid for funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy (“CIL”) Fund to Tandridge Council.In March 2020 we held a vote on the Green Improvement Scheme which resulted in an overwhelming majority of residents supporting the proposal. Since then, a lot has happened behind the scenes despite the difficulties raised by the pandemic. Our negotiations with Surrey Highways, the authority responsible for roads and pavements, have covered changes to the design of the scheme to meet their safety and design standards, requirements for future maintenance, supervisory charges and performance guarantees.

By the summer, we had agreed various minor changes to the scheme, most significantly the replacement of actual crossings with crossing points. However, negotiations on the other aspects were more difficult and it took until mid January to reach agreement on the issue of performance guarantees.

Following that agreement, we were able at last to finalise the costing for Phase One of the Scheme, at £567,000, and complete the application form for funding of £467,000 from the Tandridge CIL Fund. The balance of £100,000 will come from the Parish’s own CIL Fund, our share of the levy paid by developers in Warlingham.

Unfortunately, Tandridge has recently decided to review the criteria and procedures for allocating CIL grants, so the application will not be considered immediately. However. the Parish Council remains confident that the scheme will meet the likely revised criteria and are optimistic that the funding will be awarded later this year.

We will update you when there are further significant developments.