The Parish Council has recently submitted a new Bid to fund Phase One of the Project to the Tandridge Council Community Infrastructure (“CIL”) Fund, after its original bid in January was set aside because Tandridge was revising its criteria, procedures and application forms for the Fund. The outcome of the Bid should be known in December.

In order to be ready to proceed with implementation as quickly as possible if the Bid is approved, the Council has decided to attempt to agree the designs for the street furniture in Phase One by the end of the year. That is the benches, bins, bollard lights, bollards and cycle racks. As part of the process there will be a consultation with residents using the Library and website during November – details to be advertised following a meeting of the Green Working Group in late October.  So, look out for this on the Council’s website, Facebook page and notice board.

If the Bid to Tandridge is not successful the Council may well progress the improvements to the central Green, which include the installation of new furniture, using its own CIL funds.